Sunday, September 30, 2012

Retrato Filipinas #13

Japanese war propaganda featuring the iconic Japanese fish kites (koinobori) flying over the skies of Manila, circa World War 2. The Legislative Building is seen on the left, the Manila City Hall on the center, and the Philippine Normal Hall on the right side.

The "Fish" of Japan.

"Clouds are covering the blinding sky, and the overgreens
of the tropics lies below. There lies the concrete bridges
and streets which were pressed by tyranny until yesterday.
But now the "Fish" which the symbol of the
strong spirit of the Japanese, is waving over the eastern skies.
The "Fish" with its shinny eyes and broad shoulders
and widespread tale, spreads the symbols throughout the country.
The men are here on God's mission. 
The enemy disappears, as the Japanese soldiers swing their mighty swords.
As the soldiers sing the battle songs, these gospels are
spread even into the brick buildings.
The spirit of the "Fish" is like that of the soldier,
for they spread the gospels into the Philippines.
Ph, "Fish", fly proudly over the Philippine sky, 
fly over the Asiatic skies, and sing loudly, the song of Japan."

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